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Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas and New Year Resolution?


I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas; stuffed with masses of food and wonderful pretty gifts!! I had a wonderful christmas even though I am SO very ill right now :( Quickest way to get better suggestions please? I'm already wearing two my gifts from my friends - cute warm penguin socks and a wool wrap!!

Here are a few quick pictures of my christmas overall ~ Get comfy!

Christmas Caroling in Trafalgar Square.

Iconic lights of Picadilly Circus.

This years decoration on carnaby street.

Sparkly Westfield Shopping Centre in the Village.

The EXTRAVAGANT SHOPPING spree at HARRODS, Mayfair London and its wonderful decorations *twinkletwinkle* They never fail to impress and stun me with it's richness!

My dream make up desk...

HARRODS FOOD HALL (forget about the make up section lol!)

All the wonderful presents given and accepted over christmas! yay!

My Christmas Tree!

Present of Baklawa (Traditional Arabic sweets) from my Jiddo! (Grandfather)

Gifts I received this year :) I'm so delighted with all that I have!

And of course not forgetting (probably the best part) THE FEAST!!!

A few arabic dishes I had in restaurants! (yumyum)

My little Meeka waiting for the food to arrive hehe~~

And.. HEY PRESTO!! The food on the table was all cooked by my amazing mother! (on note, there was still more food in the kitchen as this was all we could fit on the table!) I'm so blessed to have such a loving and giving mother :) I wish my dad could've been there..

And Last but not least.. THE TURKEY!!! Bon Appetit! ^^

Before cooked...

And after cooked!! TA-DAAAA~~~~!

My brother and cousin in for the kill.. haha~

I would have put some photos up of myself but I look atrocious!! Especially because I am ill :( But when I get better I hope to put up some photos of myself as I have a few make up practising to get on with!

But now I'm starting to think about my New Years Resolution. Quite a tricky one as I haven't thought too deep about it. However I hopefully intend to do a few on this little list (inshallah):

  • Save Money
  • Work hard, Play less
  • Get cracking with my Japanese and take on the JLPT test!
  • Grow my HAIR! And keep avoiding cuts and colouring (for now - until it's at a certain length I can really get some styles going)
  • Learn some Arabic (as mixed as I am.. I only know the english language sadly- But I intend to change that and do something about it!!)
  • Lose weight / or if there's no time - Actually shape up and get some Zumba time for summer!

So that's it for now but really as i said, I haven't thought too deep into it just yet :\ So if any of you want to share some of your ideas for a realistically - better change, then please do share with me! As I'm always intrigued with new things to do in my life and to keep myself busy!!



  1. some beaut pictures! so christmasy!

  2. awww beautiful pictures~! btw, I've tagged you for some questions, I hope you do it! See the questions here

  3. Thank you Girls! I feel SO FAT over the christmas though! Blerghh~~ Happy New Year!!

  4. 料理おいしそうですね!^^

  5. I really hope you feel better! I caught this weird cough-cold-flu thing too :( Even though Christmas is past, I still really love to look at all the Christmasy decorations. The food look sooo delicious, it's making me hungry!

  6. Lots of Vitamin C & D if you want to get better!!! Man, some of those photos are beautiful...They look just magical O_O Anywho, I'm loving your blog! You're very cute! I'm def. following you from now on! Would love if you checked out my blog too!

  7. @K - ありがとうございます!名前は何ですか ^O^

    @Jessi - Thanks hun! had a lovely christmas! hope you did as well! Will be posting up again soon!

    @theglamourgirl - thanks a lot hun! I have also followed you back, lovely blog! かわいいね!

  8. WOW! Very amazing photos indeed! And a lot of cool presents hun! ;) Thanks for sharing them!

  9. Such amazing food! Love all your pictures! Looks amazing! ^_^