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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The many different faces of Emii

I love wearing contacts and make-up, to look Kawaii~ or even "Sekushi"- dying my hair was also a daily part of my life, but at hard study times like these, I rarely find the time to do any of that at all anymore :(
I looked back on a few photos of myself and thought to share and reflect the many different looks of myself!

My favourite at the moment are Nudy Quarter brown Geo lenses! My eyes are dark brown naturally, but they are so dark I practically have black eyes :( but the Geo lense really bring out a bright brown colour, it looks so natural as well!

Here is a picture of me with the Nudy brown

I am also using the Bambi princess brown contacts a lot too (This works really nice for people with dark eyes like me!)

And here is me using the contact lenses!

And a few other pictures of me with different coloured lenses! (See what a difference eye colour can make!)

Nudy Blue

Nudy Grey

Haze Purple

Honey brown

and last but not least (and probably one of my favourites) White out contact lenses I used for this year Halloween! (and yes i did the make up myself)

I am now considering to buy either pink lenses or green lenses.. but i'm not too sure if green will clash with my skin tone? and if Pink will make me look like I have been crying lol Any suggestions Is open to me!



  1. what a great pair of contact lenses.

  2. Thank you girls! Do you use contacts as well? I really don't know what colour to go for next, something i haven't tried yet - so green or pink?

  3. YOU ARE SOOOO PRETTYYY!!! :D :D unfairness.

  4. ..,I SO LOVE YOUR BLOG! (^_^)

  5. I have pink ones and they mae my eyes look as if they were bleeding haha.. And show up more violet as well since my atural color is blue/gray

    I'm following you, would be nice if you followed me back :)

    love the lenses!

  6. such a lovely blog. definitely following u. please check my blogshop too :3

  7. Thank you girls! Will defo follow you all! I'll try to keep on update on here! Merry christmas girls! xox

  8. I love the nudy quarter brown ones, I think they look cool but my bf says they make my eyes look reptile haha! I don't mind though, I like them! You look so good in the other lenses too! And wow, your halloween costume is awesome!! I'm your newest follower!

  9. @Jessi - thank you hun! I want to try some new contacts but im not sure which one to go for next as i'm quite stuck with brown at the moment lol. I'll be posting a new blog up soon! i'll be keeping an eye on yours too ;) xx